I have many nicknames.

In Malay, I am a fish (Ikan). Sometimes big (besar) sometimes small (kecil).

In Chinese, I can be a bathtub (浴缸) or a fish tank (鱼缸).

My secondary school English teacher, a very old English, when he first heard my name, stared at me and pointed his thick finger at me and uttered just two words. You. Gang.

During my enlistment my buddy liked to call me Cockroach because I liked to read my favourite story books lying down while they went out to play football.

I’d like to think those were terms of endearment although I do not habitually reach out to people just to say hi.

I therefore embrace the internet because I can now become a warrior, a keyboard warrior. I express myself where I wouldn’t normally do.

If you have a thought or two of what I say on this blog, write to me if you like it. Write to me if you hate it.